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Monday, May 15, 2006


Amalgamation of software

Sometimes I like to imagine things with aspects taken from other things.

How about software? Well, imagine the following program:

1) Take uTorrent, a rediculously efficient BitTorrent client.
2) Add in Hamachi's NAT/Firewall traversal and encryption
3) Sprinkle a bit of NetSelect's scoring system

What would you get? The fastest downloading BitTorrent client on the planet, that's what. Suddenly a vastly higher number of users would be able to accept incoming connections, dramatically increasing the number of users that can use their connections (and upstream) to their true potential. And instantly, peer connections become way smarter, leading to significantly lower overall internet traffic (They say that BitTorrent makes up 35% of all net traffic worldwide), and possibly higher download speeds for a lot of users.

Of course, since BitTorrent is an open protocol, and there are a ton of clients out there, Hamachi's contributions would be useless, and NetSelects would be almost meaningless. Oh well. One can dream. Personally I hope that the Hamachi guys license Hamachi in library form. Imagine being able to add the benefits of Hamachi's NAT/firewall traversal (and encryption, though that part isn't unique) to any networked app. For example, an IM client developer could license it and finally solve the problems that every IM client has with file transfers. Or an RTS game company could license it and quickly solve the problem of needing to forward ports to host games online.

so to solve any BitTorrent 6.0.3 problems (yellow triangle saying "no incoming connections, unless the icon turns green, it could indicate a problem with your network configuration"), you must upload Hamachi's NAT/Firewall traversal and encryption and NetSelect's scoring system? or does this only work for uTorrent? I seriously need some advise here. My BitTorrent doesn't work AT ALL! I seriouslly would appreciate (if it is even sufficient or matters) any suggestions. My e-mail is Matthew.V.Ash@gmail.com
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