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Saturday, March 04, 2006


LAN party time

Some of you at NITI might remember when I left early on a Friday to head out to a 48-hour long LAN party in June or July. Well, it is time for the big LAN party of 2006. Except, this time I'm on staff, so I would be remiss if I didn't try to spread the word a bit ;)

Here is a picture of the 2004 LAN (2005 was cancelled due to renovations in the hall):

There were actually about twice as many gamers as seen in that picture, because the LAN area extended to the right into the cafeteria, and a little bit further back behind the camera. In 2004 there was live coverage from MusiquePlus and CanalZ (Now ZTélé) for most of the event (they were airing live updates all day every 15 minutes for two days or so), and the other stations like TVA and such also showed up to do a bit of coverage. There was also a televised tournament between the casts of the two big competing technology shows on the two channels ;)

I don't think we'll have the same degree of TV coverage as last time, because that is a one shot deal. There will probably still be some TV coverage this year though.

This year, LAN ETS is actually the Canadian Electronic Sports World Cup Qualifiers. Yeah, that's mouthful. What it means is that the winners of the related tournaments get a free plane ticket and hotel room in Paris to compete in the world finals. LAN ETS is the qualifiers for Team Canada this year, so the whole country will converge on LAN ETS to compete for it.

So if you're a gamer in Montreal, or elsewhere in Canada but fancy yourself a professional player, then head over to the LAN ETS site and register yourself. Link to the site on this banner below:

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