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Wednesday, February 22, 2006



Well, my copy of Mario Kart for SNES (which I purchased on eBay) has just arrived.

My primary purpose for this purchase was to take the SNES to the upcomming LAN ETS (which I'll be helping out with this year). We're setting up a room for people to plug in their consoles, and I thought, what better console to bring than my old SNES? This got me thinking about the state of my SNES hardware. I also have fond memories of Mario Kart, so I thought it'd be a good game to pick up, with or without the LAN. I never owned a copy of the game, but borrowed it often enough.

I got my SNES some time between 1991 and 1993. I don't really remember exactly when. When I went downstairs to check out the status of my SNES, to my dismay, I found that one of the two controllers were missing. In fact, I've bled off a lot of games that I lent and were never returned. Only 3 of my original games are left. Of the others, I had Super Mario Allstars, Donkey Kong Country, a Super Gameboy, and the Super Game Genie. I think that is all. Of those, the Super Gameboy and the Super Game Genie were lent and never returned, I think the same is true of Super Mario Allstars, and I've got no idea what happened to Donkey Kong Country (I thought I still had it). On top of that, the missing controller which I think is just lost.

I've been considering using eBay and used game shops to try to rebuild my collection, for nostalgia sake as much as playing them. Mario Kart was my first purchase with that aim in mind. As I mentioned, I never owned it, but borrowed it often.

Unfortunately, my RCA cables for the SNES were damaged in a vacuuming accident many years ago, so I'm currently limited to the old RF converter. The cable is only damaged in one spot, however, so I think it is repairable if I slice it open.

I was hoping to have some two-player Mario Kart action going this weekend, but I'll have to pick up a second controller. A local hobby shop has them for $10, so I think I'll pick one up. Maybe they'll have some of my other missing accessories too.

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