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Sunday, January 01, 2006


iPodDrop v1.2 released

You're probably sick of hearing about this, so I'll keep it short. v1.2 (a huge update) is done, and you can grab it now:

Download iPodDrop v1.2

The changelog is the exact same as what I posted earlier, save for one extra item:

- iPodDrop now defaults to a video bitrate of 1024 kbit/s, and only uses 2048kbit if in TV mode.

Enjoy! Please comment!

Welcome to the exciting world of independant software creation and distribution. :)

A few comments:
- You seem to be distributing ffmpeg with ipoddrop, which is licensed under the LGPL. As such, you are legally required to distribute its license and source code along with your program. (of course, another option is not to distribute it and tell people to get it themselves)
- Unless you're planning on selling this thing, you should really consider setting up a project for this on sourceforge.net (which will give you webspace, cvs, mailing lists and mad google juice).

I have used your program to encode a video for the iPod, but it does not work, itunes says the file cannot be played on the ipod. These are the specs of the encoded file:

MPEG-4 Video, 320x176, AAC audio, stereo, 48000 Hz

Movie FPS: 23.98

Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong?
data rate: 710kbit
iTunes sometimes doesn't seem to like files with long complicated names. Try naming the output file (the one to put on the iPod) something like "startrek.mp4" to see if that is causing the problem.

I haven't had time to figure out exactly what iTunes doesn't like about some filenames.

Also, did you try encoding the file a second time? There are rare times when ffmpeg doesn't encode a file properly, but will encode it just fine if you try a second time.

If neither of the above fix the problem, could you take a screenshot of the whole ffmpeg output for me? If there are any messages that ffmpeg outputs during encoding, those might indicate that ffmpeg is having trouble decoding the file (in which case iPodDrop won't be able to do anything).
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