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Wednesday, January 04, 2006



Ever seen something that just boggled the mind, amazed you so much you just sat there stunned? So incredible you made up a new word for a blog post?

Well, if you haven't, you will after listening to this (Use heaphones only, speakers won't work):


They call it "Holophonic" sound. It is like HRTF, except instead of providing surroundsound, it provides full 3D sound. As in, they can make something sound like it is above or below. And the directional placement is the BEST I've EVER heard out of any HRTF or related trickery. Even when it comes to pure surround this is amazing, but when the sound starts moving above and below it just blows the mind. I've heard some other so-called Holophonic demos, and they paled in comparison to this one. Whereas other demos sort of sounded like they might be at a slight angle, this really feels like somebody is shaking a matchbox under your chair.

Closing your eyes when you listen to it enhances the effect. You can just imagine a person walking around you shaking the matchbox.

The site this comes from is http://www.holophonic.ch, but it is down due to the digg effect.

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