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Thursday, December 29, 2005


New release of iPodDrop!

OK, so maybe it isn't that exciting. But version 1.1 of iPodDrop is done.

Download link: http://teknews.net/~guspaz/iPodDrop_v1_1.zip

Here's the changelog ripped right from the readme file (Oh yeah, it has one of those now too):


- Code cleanup and refactoring. Doesn't affect users, but makes the code easier to work with.
- Encodes video 40% faster with similar quality due to changes to the ffmpeg command line parameters.
- Now waits for user to press a key when an error occurs.
- Added error checking for bitrate parameter.
- New icon! No more default crap. Now you get CUSTOM MADE crap!
- Filled in AssemblyInfo file. This covers stuff like version number, and the info in the Windows Explorer properties dialog like the desciption.
- Switched from a debug build to a release build, as if it matters.
- Included this readme file.
- Removed the shortcuts, since Windows doesn't support relative shortcuts
- Other things I'm probably forgetting. I'll write them down as I do them next time, promise.

So, no huge changes on my part, but the 40% boost in encoding speed is rather nice. With all the cleanup and refactoring, though, a heck of a lot of the code changed.

I haven't found a solution for the shortcuts yet (which have now been removed). Windows is stupid and doesn't support relative shortcuts at all. I looked in to batch files, but there is trouble getting the right working directory with that method. I suppose I could go with Windows Script, but that is something I'd rather not rely on. If I eventually do up an installer with NSIS or something, I can have it create absolute shortcuts.

I got most of what I wanted to get done in 1.1 into this release. Next release might go for some more error checking and possibly an installer. But this version is working pretty darned well, so I don't think the next version will be coming out anytime soon. I mean, I wanted to write an app to make it easier for me to get video onto my iPod for TV playback, and I've accomplished that. v1.1 added some stuff that makes it better for me, and some other stuff that I just ended up doing along the way. But unless a bug pops up that gets in my way, v1.1 is doing its thing just fine.

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