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Monday, December 12, 2005


Aaargh! Spam!

Over the last few days I've started getting massive amounts of spam to my novasearch.net address. I've had this address redirecting to my GMail account for some time now. All of a sudden, TONS of spam mail has been arriving at my GMail account via my mail server at novasearch.net. We're talking going from 10 or 20 emails per day to about 100.

The emails are sent in clusters a few minutes apart, and seem to be from a botnet. The funny thing is that I blocked out a botnet that was spamming the almost dead NovaSearch forums (I had a "test" forum set up they were spamming for some reason). I guess this is some sort of revenge?

Of course, why they were spamming the test post section of a dead forum that nobody uses is beyond me.

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