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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Ad blocking

Normally I don't block ads on web pages. The things pay for the sites I enjoy. I've relied on them to cover costs myself, and still get the occasional check from Google. But when a site puts up so many flash advertisements that are so processor intensive that Firefox locks up whenever I visit the page, well, the sympathy very quickly dissipates and AdBlock gets turned on.

Seriously, people. Google has proven that you don't need rich media ads to make a heck of a lot of money with advertisements. Do you really need sixteen animation-heavy flash ads on one page? It's called sign up for AdSense. You'll probably make more money, and your users will be a heck of a lot less annoyed.

I generally don't block ads either, but that "man running with cellphone" animation on slashdot is really annoying. That's the only thing I think I've blocked recently.
The recent trouble drove me over the edge: I'm now blocking all flash ads.

I'm leaving text and image-based ads alone, but I'm sick of flash ads.

I'm on a notebook, too, so often those flash ads are going to drain my battery faster by causing my CPU to draw more power. Still, I need flash, so I don't want to disable it entirely.

One other thing I am blocking is intellitext. That's where they turn words into links for ads. It has passed the annoyance barrier to me, especially when some sites use the exact same style for their real links as the ad links.

I guess it's like that with a lot of things; as long as you don't cross the annoyance barrier, the user/viewer/listener/etc is willing to put up with it. But once you cross the barrier, the user won't put up with it anymore.
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