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Friday, October 28, 2005


Money goes out, stuff comes in

I got me one of them new-fangled eye-pods. The one with the moving pictures. From those fruit people.

I've already been working on a nice ffmpeg GUI frontend, so now I'll actually be able to test the iPod profile I wrote.

I'll let you guys know when the frontend is done. It might run under linux/OSX, since it's written in C#, but Mono is pretty incomplete despite what they claim, so we'll see. Really it's target market is me, myself, and I, so that means primarily Windows.

Besides, OSX has the awesome ffmpegx, and linux folks are not the kind to use GUI frontends anyhow.

"Besides, OSX has the awesome ffmpegx, and linux folks are not the kind to use GUI frontends anyhow. "

Pffft!. I'm sick and tired of this "moral supremacy" attitude of Mac zealots with regards to the Linux world.

Most Linux users nowadays use Gnome. Heard of Ubuntu?. In fact, most Linux users nowadays do not even have to drop to a command line anymore to do common chores.

OSX users are laughable... they attack Windows (to a point, with reason) but also look with contempt at the free-open souce (FOSS) world.

Yet, at every opportunity they say that OSX is robust because "it's based on Unix and it's built on top of an open foundation".

They fail to mention that most of Apple's code is proprietary, that you have to pay through the nose for upgrades, and that using a Mac is basically the same as using Windows, you just change giving your money to one megalomaniac (Gates) to another (Jobs).

by the way... your post with common ffmpeg switches is very useful. Thanks for that!.

And don't get me wrong... I didn't mean to attack you or anything, it's just that some opinions of Mac users with regards to the FOSS world make my blood boil. :)

Moral supremacy of Mac zealots? I'm a Windows and Linux user :P The last time I used/owned a Mac was Mac OS 8.1 on a mac built in 1994.

My original comment (regarding Linux) was made at a time when I was actually working at a company whose sole product was a Linux distro. As such, I was surrounded by people doing things like using Fluxbox as a means of having multiple terminals onscreen at once, scoffing at the idea of actually touching that "mouse" thing sitting next to their computer under a pile of papers and other crap ;)
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