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Thursday, September 01, 2005



I have decided to officially convert to Flying Spaghetti Monsterism. It is, in my opinion, the only religion that makes sense.

I've been reading Interdictor's blog from New Orleans. He's holed up in a datacenter in a highrise trying to tough it out. The place is a mess, with widespread looting going on, residents shooting at cops, COPS looting, and of course 80% of the city is flooded with up to 20 feet of water. Marshal law has been declared, and the police force is effectively out of commission with no way of communicating with eachother.

They've set up makeshift security patrols around the datacenter and armed them with guns. So far they're holding out and seem to have enough fuel to keep the generators going, along with food and water to last. They even managed to trade some data recovery and hosting services for 25 gallons of water when a company that had evacuated asked them to go into their offices and take their mission critical server back to the data center for protection.

And despite all this, despite the fact that the city of New Orleans is a lawless crime zone in ruins, somehow they've managed to keep their DNS hosting service up and running. Remind me to put them on the top of my list of DNS hosts if I ever need one.

That guy is hardcore, but that's what you have to be when you host somethingawful's forums on your servers.

The internet _is_ serious business
They don't actually host SomethingAwful, they're just in the same building as the people who do.

It seems like SomethingAwful is down right now, so I'd gather the company that hosts SA left the building and isn't sticking it out like DirectNic is.
Have you heard the Pastafarian theme song at

http://blog.sparkletone.net/archives/230 ?
If you read interdictor's blog, you'll see that SomethingAwful is somehow under direct control of that group since he specifically states that he's going to have to shut down SA.
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