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Monday, August 08, 2005


The journey is nearing an end

Ever since August rolled around, the thought has occurred to me that there are (many) less days at NITI ahead of me than there are behind me. Last time my stay at NITI was drawing to a close, when I was finishing my CEGEP work term, there was still the possibility of a summer job at NITI. However, this is it, the end. Come the end of august, I'll be leaving NITI. I think my last day is September 2nd.

What I regret most is that I'll be out of touch. NITI is a bit like a television show. For the past 7 months I have been watching this TV show, watching our product and company direction evolve. When my last day rolls along, it will be as if the TV show has been cancelled; I will no longer be able to follow the story of NITI. Some people might call me crazy, but I really enjoy the meetings about company direction, and I absolutely love reading the StateOfTheNits memos. It feels like all the hopes and plans that the company has will come to fruition after I'm gone, and I'm going to miss it all.

To use the television metaphor once again, I'll optimistically link NITI to the TV show Firefly. The show has been cancelled, but there is a major motion picture coming out soon that will continue the saga. I can only hope that the same is true in my case, and that I'm able to get another co-op term at NITI during my time at Concordia, next summer. At least then if I'm lucky enough to return I'll be able to catch up.

I regret not having spent more time socializing with my coworkers. My daily commute to and from NITI totals 2 hours (Now seems like a good time to repost the link to the map of my commute), and it has taken a bit of a toll on my admittedly tiny social life. While it has been nice to be able to burn through novels in half a week, catch up on music listening, and finish gameboy games, the bus ride is still an obstacle. And Concordia is almost right next to NITI, so for the next three years I'm going to be doing the exact same commute. Ah, if only there were a university in the west island ;)

I actually envy the co-ops from Waterloo. They have the fortune of living in apartments not far from NITI. Some of them might debate my use of the term "not far", but if you're on the metro system then the 20 to 30 minute commute you have would be a big improvement over my trek. These co-ops have the opportunity, despite being from cities hundreds of kilometers away, to get to know their fellow nitiots much better than I have.

I'll have to take benefits as they come; a few months ago, Damian was surprised to realize that Concordia was practically next door to NITI on the metro system. He remarked that whereas when Waterloo co-ops finish their terms they disappear back to Ontario, when my term is over I will still be nearby. I admit my insecurity and hope that people will actually want to see me once my summer term is over.

It would seem that I've gotten into another one of those moods where I just spill my heart out. It's a bit refreshing, to be honest.

Dude, move out of your mother's basement. You won't regret it.
I think I would regret being homeless on the street, yes. Summer jobs don't pay the rent.
they dont?

Fuck! Im in deep shit.
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