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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


The Bank

Headed over to the bank today. The RBC in Place Ville Marie. Discovered that while it is more pleasant temperature-wise to walk underground, it takes 2x to 3x the amount of time to do the walk than it does to just take the surface streets. Still, if the weather is really nasty going underground can limit the time spent outside rather nicely.

Tried to deposite two US cheques. Despite the fact that "US DOLLARS" was on the front of the cheque and highlighted with a yellow highlighter, the teller still tried to deposite it as if it were CAD. I had to point out it was USD, at which point she had to withdraw the amount and do it all again, a process that apparently involves three people clustered around the computer screen giving advice on what to do. Not exactly confidence-inspiring. Still, it was sort of my fault, because I normally point out that it is a US cheque, and this time I decided I didn't need to bother (I figured, it was highlighted).

While I was in there, some guy was getting quite upset, with his teller, and all the employees were laughing at him. Out loud. I mean all the employees. The manager, standing to the back, he was laughing. The other tellers, they were chuckling. I didn't really catch what was going on, but I guess the guy was pretty stupid. He was also not very happy that they were laughing at them, and said as much ;)

I finally got a cheque to send to ING Direct. Soon I will have a savings account that actually earns some interest. I think their current going rate is 2.6% or something, which is darned good for a regular savings account. I think I'll move $5000 or so into it and let that build up for a while.

After finishing, I honestly couldn't figure out how to get out of the bank. As far as I could see, there were only two exits, and the one I had come in had already been sealed off (I walked in at about 3:50, and they close at 4:00). I headed to the other door only to find it too was locked. One of the investor-type employees was on his way out, and had to unlock the door for me, which involved him crouching and the turning of knobs and inserting of keys at the bottom of the door. Sort of an amusing sight for a guy in a business suit.

ING, does not, in fact, pay the best interest on a savings account, esp. if you have $5000..

Buy and respectable newspaper and do some research to find the best rates in town.
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