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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Up the zigurat, lickety split!

Those of you who are into science fiction are no doubt looking foward to this friday, when the US cable channel SciFi proves that it deserves it's status as science fiction juggernaut. SciFi has aquired or developped THE three biggest (budget/audience) north american science fiction shows. This friday in one three hour block, ALL THREE premier.

I'm going to talk a bit about where the new seasons of these three shows are going (I've been keeping up on statements made by the producers of the various shows). So consider this a ***SPOILER WARNING***. I won't summarize the last seasons of each show, I had done that last time I tried to post this but a power failure ended that ;)

Battlestar Galactica

Obviously President Adama is going to be off his feet for a while. Colonal Tigh will be taking over command of the fleet for a while, and it isn't exactly going to be a smooth ride. The President will fracture the the fleet into two halves following her coup. Lee Adama is placed under arrest for his part in the coup, but is allowed out of the brig to fly missions, since the Galactica is so pressed for pilots. Baltar is soon going to have Six out of his mind and will have to face life without the pressures she places upon him. Also, they plan to remake a classic episode from the original BSG. I won't say what happens, that'd be too big a spoiler, but if the word "pegasus" means anything to you you'll know what I'm talking about.

Stargate SG-1

Well, RDA is leaving the show, and will be present for the first three episodes to make a transition. He requested that the door be kept open for O'Neill, so we'll see him again as a guest star much like we did with General Hammond. SG-1 has some new castmembers; Ben Browder from Farscape will be taking command of SG-1, and Claudia Black, also from Farscape, will be reprising her roll as Vala for a while until Amanda tapping (Samantha carter) is able to return to the show (She was pregnant during the hiatus). SG-1 is going to face a new threat from the Ori, a race of ascended beings who force civilizations to join their religion, or face destruction. With the Goa'uld out of the way as the main badguys, along with the replicators, the Ori are going to take over as the main baddies.

Stargate Atlantis

Earth's new battleship, the Daedelus, arrives from Earth, bringing us some new cast members. Remember AD Skinner from The X-Files? He's the new commander of the Daedelus. The ship also features an Asgard navigator. Ford gets infected by the Wraith and is changed. He leaves and forms his own group of fighters addicted to a Wraith drug, and battles the Wraith. The Wraith are still around, but Atlantis is hidden from them.

I guess that about sums it up. I don't recall as much about Atlantis's new season as SG-1 or Galactica, but that should give you an idea of what is to come.

Do we get this channel in Canada?
No. We get The Internets in Canada.

I believe there are also other channels that air the shows on a similar timeframe, if not date/time.

However, I reccomend The Internets. Shows usually show up via BitTorrent 1 to 3 hours after they air, depending on a variety of factors.
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