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Monday, July 18, 2005



I keep walking down the road and thinking to myself, gee, I should blog about XYZ. But of course I always forget what I was thinking about and never blog about it.

Here's about the only thing I remembered that I thought I should blog about: More tourists. I've started seeing them in little packs touring, of all things, MALLS. I was at the Tims in the Cathedral mall, and there were two groups going by, with the tour guides pointing at things and speaking in what I think was Italian and Spanish. Are Montreal malls REALLY that interesting?

Oh, and in response to John Cormie, here's my commute. 28.5km and it takes me 60 to 75 minutes. It's part on foot, part bus, and part metro (subway). The subway is obviously the part that goes under buildings and ignores the roads ;) You could say that Pat has me beat distance-wise, but since he goes by car his commute is shorter than mine time-wise.

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