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Monday, July 25, 2005


Annoying morning

Every morning I take a combination of busses and metros to work. I take the 202 down St. John's Blvd in Pointe-Claire right to the 211 bus stop, which I take to the Lionel Groulx metro stop, and from there the green line to McGill.

Not today. Everything went smoothly until the bus pulled up at Lionel Groulx, only to find the entire single entrance surrounded in excessive amounts of police tape (I never noticed that our police tape is orange, not yellow). There were half a dozen cruisers spread around the stop, and the police had blocked off Atwater (street) in front of the metro station.

I was none too pleased by this. I take the metro to work every morning, and have no bloody idea how to get to work by bus. I stood around a while at the metro stop, moving with the crowd closer and closer to the police blocking the entrance, in hopes of finding out what was going on. Luckily, someone ahead of me was asking the police officer what to do, and the officer was giving him directions to the next metro station along the line. I heard him say "Up the hill" and he pointed in the direction that some of the people getting off the bus had taken off in.

What an unpleasant walk! Uphill in the sun on a hot day in work clothes. Not fun. But eventually I got to the next station (Atwater), the entrance to which oddly enough led to a mall. I followed to girls in front of me who seemed to know where they were going, and eventually we ended up at the Atwater metro station. Ugh.

There was a message on the PA from the STM, in a male voice rather than the usual pre-recorded female voice. They didn't give a reason and I couldn't really hear it, they were only announcing that Lionel Groulx was closed. I still haven't found out what is going on, but I'm pretty certain it wasn't a bomb or anything, since the rest of the metro system seems to be unaffected. Trains at Atwater were going in both directions, so it looks like they were just going through Lionel Groulx without stopping. It also probably wasn't somebody jumping on the tracks or being pushed, for the same reason. If it had been a simple assault, the station wouldn't have been locked up so tight. That leaves rape, murder, possibly a shooting. Not pleasant, but that's my best guess.

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