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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Still broken

Leaving work today, I was in the metro station at 7:30PM. Surprisingly enough, the MetroVision system is STILL broken! The exact same error dialog is still on the screen. Funny how the MTC throws around hundreds of millions of dollars on useless endeavours such as adding new stops that barely anybody will use, or switching to easily hackable smartcards, but they can't pay a guy to take the time to push a button and make the dialog box go away!

Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to snap a shot of the broken screen tonight as I was running for a train. However, if it's still up tommorow morning I'll take some pictures.

As for now, here is the picture from 11AM this morning that I promisd:

Notice that while the time has correctly updated (and the video is still going), the date, temperature, and "next train" section is exactly the same as yesterday. It would seem that that is the section of the program that has crashed.

I'll continue keeping track of this. Let's see how high the response time of the MTC really is ;)

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