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Saturday, June 11, 2005


Memorizing Pi

Over the years I've started trying to memorize more and more of pi. Not that I'm putting much effort into it, mind you... Ever so often I'll just try to tack on another few digits into the brain. Here's how far I got tonight, hopefully it will stick for a while:


Up to 18 digits I guess. If I can remember these new digits (Assuming I even remembered it correctly above), I guess the next step is to bump that up to 20?

I rarely actually need to calculate something that uses pi. Sometimes I'll need the area of a circle or something. In those instances, instea of typing 3.14 or using the Pi button on a calculator, I actually try to type in as much as I can remember. I mean, if I'm going to try to memorize some Pi, I might as well use it, right?

Now is the part where you tell me this is a waste of time ;)

There's a guy in my ECE class that can recite pi to well over 150 decimal places, and they are correct.

And he uses it in his head to calculate radii of circles based on their areas, to many decimal places
I'm just going slow and steady on my way up, I'm not trying to do anything impressive or anything :P
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