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Thursday, May 12, 2005


XBOX 360 unveiling is tonight

Just a reminder, today is the day that Microsoft officially unveils the XBOX 360, their new game console. It's supposed to happenat 9:30PM on MTV, but since most of us don't get MTV, it will probably be up on BitTorrent very quickly.

Honestly, the thing is a beast. It sports a 3.2ghz CPU similar to the PPC970 (G5) with not one, not two, but THREE cores, and a nice next-generation ATI chip that packs more punch than anything on the market today, and has onboard cache that apparently makes antialiasing virtually free. They also slapped on 512MB of GDDR3, pretty unheard of for a console... though I think it might be used as both video and system memory, which would explain why they used super-fast memory usually only used on video cards.

Can you tell I'm excited? ;) I don't think it is very likely that I'll buy one since I'm a PC gamer, but it's very exciting when companies release next-generation hardware that blows away everything else on the market, especially when it will give us a sneak peak to upcomming PC products (ATI's next video cards will be based on the GPU used in the XBOX360).

To give you an idea of how much power the thing has, Microsoft has decided that every game must run in HD... WITH antialiasing.

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