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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Preparing for tech support hell

I called the tech support department for the company who made the headphones. Small department, three people.

Today they sent me a beta driver. Didn't help.

In preparation for tommorow's call back, I recorded each speaker in the left earphone. Listen here: http://teknews.net/~guspaz/badsurround.wav

The two speakers that are the same size (15mm) are center and left surround. Left front and subwoofer are both from the same 40mm driver.

Because of the similar sizes of the center and left surround speakers, they should sound exactly the same. As you can tell from the wave file above, the center sounds fine, but the left surround is horrible (right earphone is identical).

I'm going to present this to their tech support tommorow to show them exactly what the problem is.

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