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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Nos venit, nos quoniam madidus, nos emo caseus.

Called LTB today again about the headphones. Unlike yesterday's hideously expensive cell phone call (to New Jersy), this time I used Skype. Cost me something like 75 cents for about half an hour call.

I sent the recording of the headphone output to the tech support guy, who agreed that something was wrong. I talked to the sales manager, who agreed to cross ship new headpones (This means they ship them today, and I mail the broken ones back after I get the new ones), agreed to send via the US postal service instead of UPS (I understand that USPS/Canada Post won't charge me $40 in brokerage fees like UPS), and agreed to fax a corrected invoice to UPS to get me a refund on the sales tax UPS charged.

Overall, a very productive conversation. It looks like I might actually get working headphones before ATI-Revolution.

Oh, and work today was strangely satisfying. Despite much frustration, which Simon probably hates me now for sharing with him ;), right at the end of the day I finished the scripts I'd been working on and it all came together. Everything suddenly started working. Just a bit more cleanup to do and I can move onto more important things.

No way, I completely love debugging regular expressions. They were my bread and butter for a long time.
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