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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


New headphones have same problem

I don't get it. The new headphones have the exact same problem. I've tried these things on more than one computer, but they experienced the same problem on each.

The company claims that this is not normal behaviour, and I believe them; it sounds too much like a defective product.

I don't know what I'm going to do. Tommorow I'll call tech support and go from there.

I've had a pair of the LTB headphones myself and have had a bunch of issues. I was able to get them working right away and was pleased enough to recommend them to a friend. However, since then I've had a bunch of trouble.

The first problem was that some of my speakers cut out. I think it was a problem with the jack as I could play around with the jack and the plug and get dead speakers to play, but couldn't get all of them to work at the same time. I RMA'd them and got back a replacement promptly.

I got the new pair, and was once again thrilled with my heaphones. Within two days of getting them though I noticed cracks forming on the left ear piece plastic. Within a week the ear piece had completely snapped off.

So, I e-mailed their support repeatedly, and got no response. Finally I called them and they gave me an RMA number. I sent in the headphones (paying shipping, yet again), and they received them about two weeks ago. With no word from them I called today and found out they are supposed to ship out tomorrow (they were waiting on a part).

Overall their support seems really fly by night. It's contracted out to some company in New Jersey. When you call, you get a voice mail box and leaving messages there is pointless, they do not call back. If you hit 0 and ask for the operator though, you'll get the operator.

The operator will transfer you, then another person will answer, and they will transfer you, and then you finally get to the one person who seems to know anything there. They were all friendly and I didn't have to wait on hold, but I don't appreciate it when they give me a voice mail option and then ignore it.

I would definitely not buy these headphones again. They seem nice, but the manufacturing quality is pretty poor and the support is iffy. I guess you get what you pay for.
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