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Monday, April 25, 2005


What? You mean I don't update?

Bah I say, bah! 'Tis true, I haven't updated this blog in nearly a year. Well, here is an update for you.

How about some gaming news? Pictures of the XBox 360 have been leaked to the internet. They look very real, and seem to indicate a removable hard-drive. When you consider that the XBox 360 is supposed to have three 3.0GHz G5 processors, and a next-gen GPU that would blow away the X850, the XBox 360 will blow away any desktop on the market today. Damn it! I hate consoles, why can't we get this kind of power for console-like prices in a REAL computer :)

In other news, as it's my last semester in CompSci at John Abbott, I've been on Stage (Think Co-Op) for the past few months at NITI. I'm hoping to get a summer job there before heading off to Concordia, but since I haven't heard back in the designated timeframe, things do not look good. Oh well, I have some other possibilities lined up.

Oh, and if you haven't already seen Robot Chicken, get it. Now. You will laugh until your insides hurt, and begin longing for the next 11-minute episode.

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