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Sunday, May 23, 2004


17" OLED displays from Samsung

Yeah, I know I'm a few days late with this news, but it's still wowing me.

Samsung has announced a 17" OLED display, destined for the market by next year (2005). I've been considering getting a 17" LCD, but high cost and the lack of low response times has really left me iffy. As a gamer, response times are critical to me; I've tried games on 25ms displays, but found the motion blur to be excessive. There are 16ms (and now 12ms) models available, but at much higher costs, and they still don't entirely solve the problem But here Samsung comes along with a 17" OLED display, promising to solve the motion blur issue entirely. Apparently OLED display response times are not measured in milliseconds like LCDs, but in microseconds. They're also supposed to be MUCH cheaper than LCDs to manufacture, and a third the thickness to boot.

There are down sides lurking in my mind, however... For one, it has yet to be explained what the lifespan of these OLED displays are. The O in OLED displays stands for organic, and OLEDs tend to dim as they age. This is getting better, but Samsung hasn't mentioned the half-life (time before the display is at half the brightness) for their displays... Hopefully it's at least a few years! There is also cost. OLED displays are much cheaper to manufacture, but that's before the marketing department gets a say. Can you imagine? Technically superior to LCDs in nearly every way, don't you think they'll TRY to charge MORE than LCDs? While we should be seeing them at a fraction the cost of LCD displays, we might end up seeing them at twice the cost.

Regardless of the down sides, this news certainly caught my eye. One of those things would be PERFECT for first person gaming. I must have one.

Agree, but I have just bought a Plasma
screen to play with my Xbox360, I wont wait to buy an Oled display. When it comes , maybe I will buy it. If we wait you miss the good experience of a big screen to play.

George Z.
I ended up buying a laptop anyhow :)

Samsung never released their OLED display, which was supposed to come out a year ago (the post is two years old). I'm in the market for a new laptop (something with a decent video chipset), but with OLED not even on the horizon I'm not holding my breath. At most, I'm going to hold out for the Core 2 processors to get on the market (next month).
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